A Quad-Annual Post


Holga 120S, Ektar 100 (Colour), Tri-X 400 (B&W), 60mm @ f/8

This is a digital composite of two types of film shot with the same camera in different cities. B&W was looking south from Beacon Hill in Victoria, BC towards the USA. Colour was looking West over Vancouver’s English Bay. If you look carefully you can see the infamous oil tankers moored in the harbour.

Mirrored Image

I spent an entire day processing all the infrared shots. One might say I'm infrafed up with this

Canon 550D, 10mm @f/5, 15 sec, R72 Infrared Filter

Went for a great 3 day hike with my dad a few weeks ago. The trek in and out was forgettable, but the day hike to a nearby waterfall was glorious.

For those of you who want to see the same photo in traditional colour, give a click!

Canada Day


Canon 550D, 200mm @ f/7.1

Those on Facebook would have already seen this image, but for any of you octogenarians in the audience here’s a Canada Day shot from the SAIT campus.