My Bad

With water levels like that it should be called Bare-ier Lake amiright

LG G3, 4mm @ f/2.4, Composite Panoramic Image

Hi everyone. I’m not dead.

The two months since last posting is by far the longest break since I started this blog in 2010, unplanned or not. The reason for the delay was shortly after writing the last post, I was informed I accepted to an MSc. that commenced in less than a month.  It was a quick scramble to quit my job, prep school equipment, find an apartment and move 1000 km. Arriving to the city 35 hours before my first class, I haven’t had much time to get settled so 390nm has fallen to the wayside. Going forward I’m hoping to be able to post once a week but we’ll see; the last time I managed to go out shooting was back in Vancouver.

Anywho, classes have been crazy but I’ve also had some stellar experiences, such as the recent multi-day field trip to the U of C Biogeoscience Institute from which we returned yesterday. As I am a fool my primary camera was left behind but thankfully my phone managed to pull off some decent shots, such as the above image of Barrier Lake – a nearby hydroelectric facility we discussed as a component of the trip. Click it big!


I miss $3 bottles of Flor de Caña

Canon 550D, 50mm @ f/1.8

Imagine the roof of a Nicaraguan hostel. A drink in hand, you listen to soft Latin radio as the warm sea breeze blows over your hammock clad body. The scene is illuminated by naught but the moonlight and the pictured LED tube lights.